Heyo everyone, rehrar here. This README is mostly going to be for translators that want to translate the Revuo Monero to their native language. The good news is that the Revuo was made using 100% free, open-source software, fonts, and images, so anyone is able and encouraged to translate it.


Anyone wishing to translate the Revuo will need to download the open-source desktop publishing application Scribus. Download it for your preferred OS and get to work.


If you want the Revuo to look the same as the original, you’re going to need to install some fonts that may not be included standard on your computer. Don’t worry, all of the fonts are free. You can find them at Font Squirrel I list them below:

Revuo Files

In this repository, alongside the PDF files, you’ll find a .sla file. This will be the file you need to download and open with your Scribus.

General guidelines

All of this is provided for anyone to do with as they please. In the proecss of translation, perhaps you may need more space (some languages can be a bit more verbose) than what the current page allows. Feel free to mess with the font sizes, margins, or even add a second page of the same workgroup to fit everything. You can see the Kovri section in this Revuo issue for an idea on how to do this.

If you have any questions you can find me on IRC Monero channels, Mattermost, or email me at rehrar@tuta.io. Happy translating.

For more info, please check the original repository page