Monero crypto lock


Programmable digital lock construct using a Monero wallet and commands.

Article describing Monero Crypto-Lock:


To use Monero Crypto-Lock you will need to download a current distribution of the Monero software. The initial Monero Crypto-Lock project used the monero-v0.11.1.0 release. We just changed over to monero-v0.12.3.0

  1. Install the Monero software on your system.
  2. Run the monerod daemon. You can run it with the –offline parameter to prevent having to sync with the blockchain.
  3. Run the monero-wallet-rpc program. Typical launch:

    ./monero-wallet-rpc –rpc-bind-port 18083 –disable-rpc-login –wallet-file /home/user/monero-v0.12.3.0/test –prompt

At this point, if everything runs properly, you should be able to start issuing jsonrpc commands.

Browser extension for secure anonymous authentication


also available at:!/v/douglasbebber/8xw6fk2e

The source code for the Firefox and Chromium/Chrome browser extensions (alpha version) are now in the browser-extensions directory.

How-to install and run dependencies for the Monero Authentication browser extension:

on DTube at:!/v/douglasbebber/y1bz26bd

Demo Web Applications

A simple browser extension test app (on the clearnet) can be found at:

There is a similar test app on the I2P network at: http://lrqks3cdoh5d6arrkng4njdbykveytbdzu4dl2tqizs7mnlwz7ka.b32.i2p/

You can use our browser extension with these test apps.

You must be on the I2P network to use the I2P test app.

For more info, please check the original repository page