Outreach docs

How to contribute

Welcome to the Monero Outreach. This directory contains all the final versions of the documents published by the Monero Outreach Workgroup. You will also find the translation directory.

What do we do? Education and communications around the value of Monero. This involves writing, creating educational material, and completing other general Monero tasks.

Join one of our chats and introduce yourself:

Research & Work In Progress

Check out what we are working on: https://taiga.getmonero.org/project/xmrhaelan-monero-public-relations/epic/26

Our gitlab (backup incase this goes down): https://gitlab.com/monero-outreach/Contribute/blob/master/README.md


Please review the translations tips (standardized terms) we expect everyone to follow: Tips for Monero translators.

For XMR Rewards visit Taiga EPIC #69 Monero Outreach Localization.

Follow this instructions (if you are not familiar with Github, check out this tutorial):

  1. Fork the repository and clone your fork locally.
  2. The directory en has all the latest documents.
  3. If you are working on a new language, add a subfolder for your language in the translations folder (use country codes for the subfolders). Copy the .md files you are going to translate from the en folder and paste it in the subfolder you just created. Use the correct folders for locating your work.
  4. File Formats - Documents are worked in .md format. Md stands for markdown, markdown is a lightweight markup language with plain text formatting syntax. It’s really easy to use and you can use any text editor to add text. Need help about mastering markdown format? Here is a tutorial.
    • Design edits will be done once you submit your work.
  5. When saving changes, remember to add a message to the commit with the documents name, language, and a small description of your work (e.g. “Quickfacts fr translation”, “Missing punctuation donttalk PSA pt_Br”, etc.).
  6. If you are a reviewer please visit, Taiga EPIC #69 Monero Outreach Localization to get assigned a translation.
  7. Happy contributing!


Fonts can be found inside monero-outreach-docs folder or directly in the site of Monero Outreach - Monero Typography. Fonts are actually not needed while using .md file format, but you can use them if you are currently working on any Monero documents, these fonts have been edited by the Monero Outreach Team.


Support the project

The Monero Outreach team is continuing to develop innovative ways to make more people aware of Monero and the communities efforts, we are building a very talented team of contributors to help make it happen. Please consider supporting this effort.

The Monero Address donation: 47oKHkoaQdBdFpTJNKaetUS6UsCGHVbJbGxPGaaHFQPqXSCLbqXYsBo6x7abwtfdXTeiBhtZLnYF5bRRAhYsUVb5Sd1aqiD

For more info, please check the original repository page