This is a simple script designed by reddit user /u/hapticpilot to make it very hard for third parties to link your monero transactions to you via your IP address. This script achieves this extra privacy by sending your monero transaction to the monero network via the Tor network.  

How it works is simple: you pass a raw_monero_tx file (a monero transaction created by monero-wallet-cli) to this script as an argument and it will submit this transaction to a monerod, tor onion node via the Tor network. Your real IP address will be concealed from the remote monerod. The real IP address of the remote monerod will be concealed from you. Any computers passively monitoring your connection will not be able to tell which computer you are connecting to and what data you’re sending.  

To make monero-wallet-cli (the most popular Monero wallet) create a raw_monero_tx file instead of submitting a transaction directly to the monero network via your Internet connection, you have to start monero-wallet-cli with the –do-not-relay switch or add do-not-relay=1 to your monero-wallet-cli configuration file.  

Make sure you have installed Tor before attempting to use this script.  

If you use the default tor settings, this script should connect to your local tor node without issue.  

You should inspect and if necessary edit the USER CONFIG variables in this script before using it.


This script should work on every GNU/Linux system. I expect it will work on Mac OS X & even Windows 10 if you install their linuxy compatibility stuff.  

To use the script:

  1. Make sure tor, bash and curl are installed on your system.
  2. Save the script to a file named something like:
  3. Make the script executable: chmod a+x
  4. Read the script to learn how to use it and to check that it doesn’t do something evil (you shouldn’t trust me: I’m a stranger from the Internet).
  5. When you’re ready, usage is as simple as: ./ raw_monero_tx


For more info, please check the original repository page